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Organising large celebrations means making our clients’ dreams come true. For this reason, at Salones Carrasco we offer you all our experience, professionalism and passion for details.

Our work philosophy is the result of our 35 years of experience in large celebrations. We work hard to ensure that everything is perfect. Our aim is that everything exceeds our customer’s expectations, that it stands out for its originality, that it arouses emotions and is fun, that it is remembered for its flavour, its colour, its melody…

We try to make every celebration different and unique, because we know that every event is a dream come true.


You will always remember the songs of your celebration. And so will your guests. It is very important that you choose the musical style that will give personality to your event.

At Salones Carrasco we provide you with all the elements you need to set the rhythm of your celebration.

ORCHESTRA. You can choose an orchestra to provide live entertainment for the banquet and/or the party afterwards. This option allows you an à la carte song service and a very dynamic celebration with specific requests and a variety of styles.

DISCO. If you prefer a more DJ atmosphere with a disco for your celebration, no problem. The songs of the moment will liven up your heel-proof party.

But don’t give up anything. If you are passionate about jazz, flamenco, rock or heavy metal and you want to surprise your guests with a themed party, we will put all our experience at your disposal to organise the best of festivals so that the music of your celebration will always be remembered.

Pastry shop

Sweet, original flavours, personalised pastry tables, themed cakes and cakes with impossible decorations. Don’t forget to sweeten your day and surprise your guests.

Cake and pastries are a very important element in every celebration. The birthday, the wedding, the communion. The “cake moment” is one of the most photographed moments because it implies the feeling of happiness that always accompanies the sweetest things. To make it very special, we maintain a close and continuous relationship with the bakeries in our area and we offer you original and personalised cakes.


Floral decorations transmit elegance and distinction, they bring the necessary calm to any celebration and awaken emotions. Colours, aromas, atmospheres, textures…

Because whether in the car, at the ceremony, at the reception for guests, at each table and especially at the table of the bride and groom or hosts, flowers are the indispensable guest at celebrations. They bring colour, joy, positive energy, good karma?

We try to create floral atmospheres that are to the liking of our clients and give personality to their celebration: romantic, country, elegant, minimalist, monochromatic atmospheres… we have the best specialists in the creation of personalised atmospheres.

We help you to set up everything from table centrepieces to complete floral settings. Let us advise you to achieve that magical touch of colours, textures and aromas that only a good floral decoration can transmit.


Every event has its essential ingredients. Also for communions, silver weddings, company dinners, theme parties, etc. We have great suggestions to help you!

If you have an idea, don’t discard it because it seems impossible. At Salones Carrasco we will do everything we can to make it a reality. In addition to customising the menu, music, car, cakes and flowers, we can advise you on the choice of photographer, fun photo booth, 360º platform, confession phone, glitter party, tattoos… and we offer you our facilities in full to organise the party you have in mind.

Our exteriors are enabled to host outdoor celebrations and there are many possibilities for decorating themed parties, as well as the installation, for example, of bouncy castles for the little ones…